Sweet Chilli- More than just a dipping sauce

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Mad Mountain Sweet Chilli Sauce is one of our best selling sauces for one reason and that is flavour. This small-batch artisan sauce is everything a sweet chilli sauce should be with the sweetness you expect but the heat and bite that is often lacking in most sweet chilli sauces. Made with fresh organic Bell Chillies and Garlic this sauce is pure natural flavour with no added preservatives, flavours, colours or fillers. Just pure, old fashioned Sweet Chilli Sauce made from real ingredients. 
Read on to find ten great recipe ideas that you will love. 
Mad mountain sweet chilli sauce bottle. small batch artisan silver medal winner Sydney royal fine food show 2018
In 2018 our Sweet Chilli Sauce won us the silver medal at the Sydney Royal Easter Show and once you taste it, you will know why. Not just a yummy dipping sauce, this can also be used as a base flavour in multiple meals to add that something extra to your cooking.
Try out our Sweet Chilli recipe ideas below to enjoy the best of this superb flavour or make up your own recipes and let us know. We love to see what our customers are making and creating. 
10 ways to use Mad Mountain Sweet Chilli Sauce. list of recipe ideas for easy weekday meals.

1. Dipping Sauce. 

Simply pour some Mad Mountain Sweet Chilli Sauce into a dipping bowl and serve with your finger foods for instant sticky sweet goodness. Pairs great with all party foods, quiches, meat balls, samosas, spring rolls and even finger food meats like mini chicken drumsticks. 
Mad Mountain sweet chilli sauce with finger foods

2. Dips and platters

Drizzle a small amount of Sweet Chilli Sauce over a cheese platter, pour some over a cheesy cob loaf pull-apart, drizzle over Philly Cream Cheese, even mix it in with your favourite salsa or guacamole to add a sweet chilli twist. You will be amazed at how well this flavour works with all your meats, cheeses and crackers and how it can elevate a simple charcuterie board to restaurant quality.
 Charcuterie board with cheeses, deli meats, fruit and Mad Mountain sweet chilli sauce

3. Mexican

No matter what you are making from Nachos to tacos or even a spicy rice or chilli beans, Sweet Chilli Sauce will match and enhance these classic Mexican flavours. Drizzle over your corn chips and nachos before baking, mix it into your chilli beans, add it to your tacos and burritos. Sweet Chilli is the perfect addition to your family taco night. 
Mexican food made with Mad Mountain Sweet Chilli Sauce. Nachos, Tacos, burritos, chilli beans

4. Stir-Fry

Sweet Chilli Stir-Fry is one of the staple meals in our family home. Whether you like beef, chicken, pork, tofu or just a veggie stir-fry, this sauce will take it to the next level. Simply cook your protein ( you can marinate this first in the sweet chilli sauce- definitely recommended for tofu), throw your veggies into the wok to cook for a couple minutes and then toss with your Sweet Chilli Sauce. Serve over a bed of rice or noodles. Delicious. 
Sweet chilli chicken stir fry made with Mad Mountain Sweet chilli sauce. Small-batch artisan sauce with organic chillies

5. Spaghetti Bolognese 

There's something very comforting about a yummy hot bowl of bolognese on a cool winters night. Adding a bit of Sweet Chilli Sauce to your bolognese is a great way to make an old favourite new again. The sweet, tangy goodness mixed with your tomato based sauce is perfect, and that touch of chilli heat makes it divine.  
Spaghetti bolognese made with Mad Mountain Sweet Chilli Sauce for sweet flavour and a touch of hot chilli.

6. Pasta

Sweet Chilli Sauce is a great additive to any pasta sauce. Add a touch to your pesto pasta, stir some through your carbonara for a sweet chilli twist, a dollop to any tomato based sauce will infuse your pasta sauce with instant flavour. Try different combinations and see which you like best. 
Sweet chilli pesto pasta made with Mad Mountain Sweet Chilli Sauce.

7. Burgers

Whether you like beef burgers, chicken burgers, tofu, veggie, halloumi, the list goes on. There are so many different toppings you can use for a burger but one thing that doesn't change is the fact that our Sweet Chilli Sauce will go well with any burger filling. Marinate your meat before cooking or simply drizzle over the toppings while assembling your burger. Try it with different sauce combos like Sweet Chilli and Garlic Mayo or Sweet Chilli and Tomato Chutney. 
Gourmet burger with Mad Mountain Sweet Chilli sauce.

8. Grilled meat and Veggies

Sweet Chilli Sauce is great for marinating your meats and veggies for the grill. Simply rub salt and pepper into cuts of meat, ribs, legs, wings or even your veggies then marinate in sweet chilli sauce. As it cooks this sauce will create a lovely caramelised glaze over your meat that is simply drool worthy. 
Grilled chicken and veggie sticks marinated in Mad Mountain Sweet Chilli Sauce

9. Curry and Casseroles. 

Try adding a tablespoon or two to your casseroles or curries for a sweet chilli flavour twist. Even try a dollop on top while serving or use as a dipping sauce for curry pies, samosas and casserole pot pies. 
Spicy curry with Mad Mountain Sweet chilli sauce added for sweetness and flavour.

10. Pizza

Spread Mad Mountain Sweet Chilli Sauce on the base of your homemade pizzas for sweet chilli pizza bases or do a sweet chilli swirl on top of your toppings. Try a sweet chilli margarita pizza for a different take on a family favourite. 
homemade pizza with Mad Mountain Sweet Chilli Sauce base
There are so many different ways you can use Mad Mountain Sweet Chilli Sauce to enhance your cooking and produce restaurant quality meals that your family and friends will rave about. 
Tell us about how you use Mad Mountain Sweet Chilli Sauce. We love to hear how you use your Mad Mountain products and see your amazing culinary creations.
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