About Mad Mountain Family

Mad Mountain is a proudly family owned and operated farm located in the picturesque peak of Tomewin Mountain. With views to the ocean, farmland and surrounding rainforest and valleys.

We use permaculture methods to simulate a natural environment in our gardens and maintain a working ecosystem to discourage pests. We use no harsh chemicals or pesticides and instead make our own fertilisers and pest control sprays using organic methods that we have found to be both effective and have low to no environmental impact. We have also dedicated a large portion of our acreage to wildlife preservation  and maintaining the natural environment. 

Our story began humbly as we moved out of the suburbs in search of a simpler life. We wanted to live a more self sustainable, less commercial lifestyle using solar, tank water and growing our own food and medicinal herbs. From this humble beginning we have grown to have a fully stocked greenhouse full of medicinal and culinary herbs, permaculture plants, flowering pollinator plants and vegetables. Also from our established fruit trees we have developed a range of delicious jams, chilli sauces from our home grown chillies as well as a selection of tasty chutneys and relishes. 

Our herbal teas were one of our first products that we created as we learned how many benefits medicinal herbs had and sought a way to enjoy it. These were an instant hit and we have been selling our home grown, herbal teas ever since and are always developing new blends for different purposes and uses. 

Add a few years and we have since added flavoured dipping oils made with the best virgin olive oils and a selection of our homegrown herbs and chillis. Rose water made with our homegrown organic roses. Preserved lemons and dried citrus wheels have also joined the list. Each year we have new fruit trees maturing and we develop new products to use each crop. 

For us the most rewarding part is when a customer pops by our market stall or shoots us a message to tell us that their garden full of our plants is flourishing or that they simply cant get enough of our products. Helping people, bringing a smile to their face and sharing the joys of what we do is what this is all about. Thankyou for visiting our page, we hope you enjoy our products as much as we do. Feel free to get in touch or shoot us a message. We love to hear from you.