Herbal Teas

Mad Mountain Organic Herbal Teas are always made with the very best ingredients. The majority of our herbs are grown right here on our family farm. They start as organic seeds in our greenhouse and are hand planted, lovingly cared for then hand picked, dried and packaged. 
Each blend is designed with the known health benefits of the herbs in mind to provide balance and wellbeing and promote a healthy system. From heart health and cold & flu relief to overall healing there is a tea for everyone. Our Jeeves Healing tea is a crowd favourite and won us a silver medal in the 2018 Royal Sydney fine food show. We are extremely proud of each blend and make sure it meets our requirements as a healthy tea that is absolutely delicious. We have found that our home grown herbs have a much more intense flavour than imported herbs and this gives our teas a truly spectacular fresh flavour that is wonderful enjoyed hot or chilled. 
Where we cannot grow enough of a single herb such as chamomile we will source this through local organic suppliers to find the very best organic Australian grown herbs. None of our herbs are imported and we use no added Colours, Flavours, preservatives or unnatural ingredients whatsoever so you can rest assured that each cup you enjoy is pure. 
All of our packaging is eco conscious from recycled cardboard boxes and biodegradable compostable plastic inserts to beautiful glass jars that are refillable, reusable and recyclable. We use reusable glass jars to store our herbs before creating our signature blends and for large amounts of herb drying we use our solar dehydrator to reduce our carbon footprint. 
We stand by our teas as being some of the best you will find. If you have any questions about our teas or would like something in particular please feel free to get in touch, we love to hear from our customers. 
Mad Mountain Family